Turbomachinery course TU Delft

Employees of SGO members are invited to participate in the Turbomachinery Course of the Mechanical Engineering department of the TU Delft.

During many years a lot of SGO members has followed this course to increase their knowledge in the field of gas turbine design and operations. The main topics discussed in the course are: thermodynamics, turbomachinery theory, application of turbomachinery, gas turbine design/combustion/controls, gas turbine materials and mechanical aspects.

The course is part of the MSc program of the TU Delft. The course will be given by: Prof Sikke Klein, Dr Rene Pecnik and Dr Vera Popovich.

The course language is English. The course will start on Tuesday, November 9th and will run for seven weeks (two classes of 2 hours per week) until January 2022. The course will be offered both at the TU Delft and online. The course includes 4 homework assignments and a written exam.

The required preknowledge for this course is Thermodynamics and Fluid dynamics at BSc level.

This course gives you the opportunity to get update your knowledge in the field of gas turbine and turbomachinery and to get into contact with the latest in this field.

Employees of SGO members can participate in two ways:

  • Option 1: Active participation in classes (without participation in homework assignments and exams)
  • Option 2: Exam and homework assignments (4 times)

Participation for one employee of SGO member is free. An additional fee will be charged for additional employees.

Please contact SGO/DGTA [email protected]

You can register for this course at Prof Sikke Klein, [email protected]

Please mention the following information in your registration:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Function in the company
  • Either Option 1 (only following the classes) Or Option 2 (including homework assignments and exams)
  • Background knowledge

Overview of the different classes of the course

  • Introduction
  • Cycles
  • Velocity triangles + Euler
  • 3d +radial
  • Choking + Nozzles + losses
  • Hydraulic turbomachinery
  • Application of pumps, compressors and turbine including.maps (stall, surge, NPSH etc)
  • Gas turbine overview
  • Gas turbine Performance and application
  • Gas turbine Combustion
  • Gas turbine Controls
  • Mechanical and Material aspects I&II