The board of SGO is formed by:

R. Kalmann is the chairman (former KLM)


Colonel J. Poncia (Royal Dutch Air force)

P. van Stratum (Uniper Benelux N.V.)

M. de Vries (Epcor B.V.)

H.O. Ebens  (DGTA)

B. Witmer  (Oerlikon Metco B.V.)

Our SGO professors:

- Prof. Dr. S.A. Klein  Professor of Turbo Technology at TU Delft Faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE)

- Dr. W. Visser  Professor Engine Simulation at TU Delft, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering 

- P. Weersma  Coordinator Gas Turbine Minor at Inholland Delft University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. S.A. Klein

Dr. W. Visser

P. Weersma