• SGO has grown and has become the linking pin between education institutes and the Dutch gas turbine industry.

  • Network meetings for participants of SGO, students, and schools.
  • Once a year a council advice meeting.
  • Educate people into the gas turbine world.
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  • Finance of a:
  1.  Professor
  2.  HBO minor
  3.  MBO elective course 


  • Investment SGO Gas Turbine Professor Technical University Delft Euro 3.000.000,- 
  • Gas Turbine Lectures, a 500 Students MSc. 
  • Development and investment Gast Turbine Minor Inholland (2011) , a Euro 150.000,- 
  • Gas Turbine Minor, a 225 Students BSc. (GT-minor since  2011)
  • MBO College Airport, a 200 Student internship

Student projects

  • Download "KLM’s next generation engine condition monitoring solution” 

     In September 2019 Tim Rootliep of Delft University has started his MSc thesis work as an intern at KLM Engine Services. The objective is to develop accurate engine condition monitoring methods using in-flight performance data of the KLM aircraft and engine fleets. Read how Tim has developed an innovative method to combine existing GSP based performance analysis tools with advanced numerical methods to obtain and predict engine conditions with best possible accuracy.