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SGO is the linking pin between Educational Institutes and the industry.The Foundation for Gas Turbine Education SGO was set up in 1990 by the Dutch Gas Turbine Association. SGO finances a professorate in gas turbine technology at the Delft Technical University, Faculty of Design, Engineering and Production and the Faculty for Aerospace Engineering.

From the late 90s, the objectives of the foundation expanded from only education into gas turbine research. In consultation with the industry, subjects have been formulated, funding was found, and PhD candidates have been recruited. 

The Foundation is financed by additional contributions from turbine related companies and institutions in the Netherlands.

The secretariat of the SGO is hosted by DGTA.

In order to match the knowledge of the students to the needs of the gas turbine industry SGO financially contributes to enable Education Institutes to develop gas turbine related education and research: 

Delft Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE)
Contribution to the professorate in gas turbine technology of professor Sikke Klein.

Delft Technical University Faculty for Aerospace Engineering (L&R)
Contribution to the section power & propulsion for teacher and researcher Dr. Wilfried Visser in the field of applied gas turbine technology and simulation.

Hogeschool Inholland
Contribution to a researcher to investigate the possibilities to develop a gas turbine applied research facility. Mr. Berend Molenaar has been appointed.

Mr. Molenaar will also teach the subject thermodynamics and expand the possibilities of the gas turbine simulator for education purposes.

SGO composed an HBO minor gas turbine technology and a MBO elective course gas turbine maintenance. The Foundation is financed by additional contributions. The companies themselves determine their contribution.


  • Secure Gas Turbine knowledge and keep it sustainable for Aviation (MRO), Power and Industry.   
  • The availability of Gas Turbine Education at Technical University/ University of Applied Science / Technical College level.
  • Gas Turbine research for aviation (MRO), power and industry.

Ensuring education (MBO-HBO-WO) in the field of gas turbines and rotating equipment in the Netherlands.

Being the supporting foundation in the field of education related to the gas turbine sector.


The board of SGO consists of 6 people. To see who is part of the board of SGO click below. 

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Educational institutions

SGO work with educational institutions. To read more about these institutions click below. 

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